Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vote For Me!

I recently entered a contest for Armani Sunglass Ad. I am now one of the top 10 and need everyones help to win. Please vote for me here. This is my ad, it is called "Love in the Afternoon". Voting ends November 27th.

Please note that you can only vote once. If you vote more than once with the same email address, the vote won't count.

Thanks Everyone!


Hallie said...

Great photo!

I really felt like I was voting for the best out of all the choices, not just helping a friend out. I hope it wins-if they pick the best one it should!

Hallie said...

Fart. The last comment was from me (Jeremy). I guess Hallie didn't sign out of her GMAIL account. Opps.

Christina Olson said...

I voted! You can actually vote once a day :) Good luck, you are great!!

~Christina (Brooks) Olson
(your old roomie)

betsy b said...


your mom told me about it at church today.

i hope you win!

Jill said...

I guess

Mason said...

hey heath, I totally passed this along to others who have been voting for your ad too! It's totally the best one in the running. Miss you!

Mason said...

k so that last comment was from Suzy.... ditto what she said!

Heather Tullis Photography said...

Thanks you guys! You're all amazing!

Thank you Christina for letting me know that you can vote once a day.

Thanks so much for all your support and votes!

The Whites said...

Hey Heather... so I just voted for your awesome ad. Great work! I found a picture of you on a girl who I sorta know, mostly know of, Rachel Thurston. What fun :)
Good luck!